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General opinion pieces unrelated to vehicle reviews but may cover an event involving such vehicles.

Yet another Road Whale™

Today, RAM trucks announced another new model. “… Our new truck takes our brand to a new level of Luxury and Elegance,” says Bob Hedgebloom of RAM.
Just what we need, something heavier and more expensive than ever as exemplified by its model name, The Laramie Limited; their “… most exclusive, well-appointed truck.”

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Pickup Truck Ratings and Capacities

The world of pickup trucks has changed almost impossibly over the last 50 years. At one time, the numbers on the side of the trucks represented their “load class”. A 10-, 100 or 1000-class truck meant it was built to carry approximately 500 pounds while also carrying a driver and one passenger. A 15-, 150- or 1500-class meant 1000 pounds… Continue reading Pickup Truck Ratings and Capacities

Truck Manufacturers Waging Fuel Economy Battle

Based on the discussion linked and the current CAFE rules, ( it would almost certainly be easier for the manufacturers to continue making the trucks bigger and heavier–and get them OVER that 8500# GVWR than to lighten them. Then come back and build a new generation of smaller trucks–much smaller trucks–to take on that under-8500# rating. But I already know what would happen there. Continue reading Truck Manufacturers Waging Fuel Economy Battle