Truck Manufacturers Waging Fuel Economy Battle

Based on the discussion linked and the current CAFE rules, ( it would almost certainly be easier for the manufacturers to continue making the trucks bigger and heavier–and get them OVER that 8500# GVWR than to lighten them. Then come back and build a new generation of smaller trucks–much smaller trucks–to take on that under-8500# rating. But I already know what would happen there. Continue reading Truck Manufacturers Waging Fuel Economy Battle

Philadelphia Auto Show, 2014

On Valentine’s week 2014, the Philadelphia Convention Center hosted its annual auto show for new, concept and classic cars, along with many customized cars and vendors. Overall the show wasn’t as good as the previous one I’d attended several years back, but this was due more to a severe lack of new introductions than to any lack of vendors. that said, a few vehicles stood out for me and because this site covers pickup trucks primarily, I’m going to cover just those subjects here. If you want to see my views of other vehicles go to

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